Egypt – Nubian consanguinity rates, 1965-67

March 7, 2011

From the abstract of Endogamy in Egyptian Nubia:

“In a sample of 282 marriages in New Nubia in Egypt, 39% were between first cousins and 21% between less closely related kin. The average number of liveborn offspring in first-cousin marriages was higher than in marriages between more distant relations and unrelated spouses, but the number of deaths among children of first-cousin couples was also higher.”

Total Nubian consanguinity rate = 60% (60.5%*)

1C consanguinity rate = 39%
<1C consanguinity rate = 21%

Collection period: 1965-67
Study population: Household survey
Sample size: 282
Location: New Nubia

*According to

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1965-67 New Nubian 1C consanguinity rate = 39%
1967-68 1C Fadetchi consanguinity rate = 45.5%
1967-68 1C Kenuzi consanguinity rate = 47.2%
1967-68 1C Arab consanguinity rate = 41.5%


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