Egypt – Alexandria consanguinity rates, early 1990s(?)

March 7, 2011

From the abstract of An epidemiological study on consanguineous marriage among urban population in Alexandria:

“The study was carried out using a cross-sectional approach, involving interviews with 500 households randomly selected from three urban areas in Alexandria (Bab Sharki, El Gomrok and Karmouz). A questionnaire interview was conducted with married females in these households to determine prevalence of consanguineous marriages and to study knowledge of married females about causes and effects of consanguineous marriages. Prevalence of consanguineous marriages among 500 married females was 22.8% with the highest frequency among marriage between first cousins (15.8%). Average inbreeding coefficient up to the marriage between second cousins equals to 0.01172. The linear trend of consanguineous marriages throughout the last 50 years was statistically significant. Age at marriage was younger in consanguineous marriages than non consanguineous marriages. Longstanding familiarity and sharing same traditions and customs with male relatives were the main causes of consanguineous marriages. The majority of the studied females (42.2%) reported that consanguineous marriage is harmful while 29.6% reported that it has no effect on offsprings.”

Total consanguinity rate = 22.8%; inbreeding coefficient = 0.0117

1C consanguinity rate = 15.8%

Collection period: unknown; early 1990s(?)
Study population: Household survey
Sample size: 500
Location: Three urban areas in Alexandria: Bab Sharki, El Gomrok and Karmouz. Alexandria is an Urban Governorate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1961-64 Total Alexandria consanguinity rate = 32.8% (>1C,1C,<1C)
Early 1990s(?) total Alexandria consanguinity rate = 22.8%
2000 Urban Governorates consanguinity rate = 29.1%
2008 Urban Governorates consanguinity rate = 23.2%

Early 1990s(?) Alexandria 1C consanguinity rate = 15.8%
2000 Total Urban Governorates 1C consanguinity rate = 16.5%
2008 Total Urban Governorates 1C consanguinity rate = 12.5%


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